David Michael lee... BIO

All about me


MFA, Cal State University Fullerton, 2004 - Painting / Drawing / Printmaking

BA, Columbia College Chicago, 2001- Painting / Photography

Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri, Florence IT 1996 – Painting / History

Orange Coast College, 1995 - 1998 - General Education

Teaching Experience:

Coastline Community College • Professor (2013 -

Chapman University • 2D Design/Drawing (2006 – 2012)

Orange Coast College • 2D Design (2006 – 2011)

Santa Ana College • Drawing/History/Artforum (2005 – 2011)

Fullerton Community College • Painting (2004 – 2005)

Cal State University Fullerton • Painting/Drawing (2002 – 2005)

Professional Experience:

Coastline Art Gallery • Curator/Director (2011 -

Chapman University • Interim University Curator • (2011-2012)

Chapman University • Collections Manager (2001 - 2011)

Chapman University • Guggenheim Gallery Preparator (2001 – 2011)

Grand Central Art Center • Assistant to Director / Resident Advisor (2001 - 2004)

Independent Fabrication/Installation/Graphic Design (Since 1996)

Studio Assistant • Tony Delap (1996 - 2012)

Studio Assistant • Tom Dowling (1996 - 1999)

Santa Ana Seven • Art Collaborative (2002 - 2005)

Downtown Santa Ana Business Council • Board of Directors/Art Grant (2004 - 2009)

Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts • Advisory Board (2008 – 2012)

Solo Exhibitions:

Succession • Jamie Brooks Fine Art • Costa Mesa, CA 2016

Spaced Out • Brett Rubbico Gallery • Newport Beach, CA 2012

Good Bad Ugly • Backroom • Santa Ana, CA • 2007

I Heart Painting • Grand Central Art Center • Santa Ana, CA • 2006

davidmichaellee • Chapman University/Henley Galleria • Orange, CA • 2005

Concepts and Volcanoes • L2Kontemporary • Los Angeles, CA • 2005

Flight Evolution and Human Nature • CSUF West Gallery, CA • 2003

Group Exhibitions:


two • cubed, OCCCA, Santa Ana, CA

Kitsch-in-Sync, Coastline Art Gallery, Newport Beach, CA


Color Vision, HBAC, Huntington Beach, CA


Abstract Miniatures, Fine Art Complex 1011, Tempe, AZ

Abstraction in the Singular: Part II, Bentley Gallery. Phoenix, AZ


MAS Attack 12, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA


Currents, Jamie Brooks Fine Art, Costa Mesa, CA

SFO/SNA, City College Gallery, San Francisco, CA

SFO/SNA, Coastline Art Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

Surface Tension, F+ Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

Within our Nature, Logan Creative, Santa Ana, CA

Mirrors and Windows, Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree, CA 2014

The Art of the Heist, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

Auction, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA

OC Academy, Irvine Fine Art Center, Irvine, CA

The Living Room, Orange County Great Park, Irvine, CA

Around the Corner, Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA

BEHOLD, Brett Rubbico Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

Foot High, SCA, Pomona, CA


Ten Years Drawn, L2Kontemprary, Los Angeles, CA

Sense and Sensibility I, Mt. SAC Art Gallery, Walnut, CA

Summer Group Show, Brett Rubbico Gallery, Newport Beach , CA


Abstract Expressionism, Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA

Painting on Edge • Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA

Painting on Edge II • D.E.N. Contemporary • Los Angeles, CA


La Costa Nostra • Gallerie Rheeway, Los Angeles, CA

Nue Brucke • Autonomie, Los Angeles, CA

Mailin' It In, A Group Invitational • Chicago Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

Speculative Materialism II • Andi Campongnone, Pomona, CA

MayJune Gallery • Seoul Open Art Fair, Seoul, Korea

D-Block Projects, Long Beach, CA

Coastline Community College, Faculty Exhibition, Huntington Beach, CA

A Dynamic Approach • Galerie Rheeway, Los Angeles, CA

Suspended in Space • OCFAS, Anaheim, CA

Mailin’ It In, A Group Invitational • The Nicole Villeneuve Gallery Chicago, IL



Coastline Community College, Huntington Beach, CA

New Used Borrowed, Guggenheim Gallery, Orange CA

100 Artists See Satan Again, GCAC. Santa Ana, CA

Best, Crussell Fine Arts, Orange, CA

The Camp, Homegrown, Costa Mesa, CA

Santa Ana College Faculty Show, SAC Santora, Santa Ana, CA


Looking into the Sun • DDR Projects , Long Beach, CA

Driven to Abstraction • Coastline Community College, Huntington Beach, CA

From Scratch • Chicago Art Source, Chicago, IL

The Abstract Truth • Roark, Los Angeles, CA

Eclat • Crussell Fine Art, Orange, CA

Invasion • @space contemporary, Santa Ana, CA


Cusp • Crussell Fine Arts, Orange, CA

Alumni Exhibition • CSUF Main Gallery, Fullerton, CA

Flat Land • @space • Santa Ana, CA

Drawing Extended • Coastline Community College, Huntington Beach, CA

Evolutionary Refinement • Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA

About Abstraction • Chapman's Guggenheim Gallery, Orange, CA

Group Love • Back Room • Santa Ana, CA

Faculty Exhibition • Orange Coast College • Costa Mesa, CA


Group Show • Sabina Lee • Los Angeles, CA

Subset • Crussell Fin Art • Orange, CA

Local Motion • GCAC • Santa Ana, CA

Voyage • @space contemporary, Santa Ana, CA

Tales of the South Pacific • Saddleback College • Mission Viejo, CA

Something's Brewing, • CO-OPs Mid-manifestation • Sonnenborgh Museum and Sterrenwacht, Utrecht, the Netherlands,

PlayitGround • Don O'Melveny Gallery • Los Angeles, CA

Winter Button Up • Tense Forms • Chicago, IL 2006

Oscene II • Laguna Beach Museum of Art • Laguna Beach, CA

3 Diety • Koo's Cafe • Long Beach, CA

The Enthusiastic Eye • Guggenheim Gallery • Orange, CA


The Bird Show • Grand Central Art Center • Santa Ana, CA

SA7 Strikes Again • Fullerton College • Fullerton, CA

Genesis • San Luis Obispo Art Center • SLO, CA

Problem with Authority • Grand Central Art Center • Santa Ana, CA

POP • The Office • Huntington Beach, CA 2004

Secondennial • Square Blue • Costa Mesa, CA

In-between Flight • The Wine Room • Irvine, CA

Art Department Biennial • Fullerton College • Fullerton, CA

The War Ascetic • Pece/Arieas Gallery • Santa Ana, CA

Free Range Artist • Legacy • Santa Ana, CA


Critique • East/West Gallery • Fullerton CA


Beefcake Cheesecake 2 • OCCCA • Santa Ana, CA

Waiting for Fame • Memphis/Santa Ana 7 • Santa Ana, CA

Velvet Dreams • Lava Lounge • Seattle, WA

Abstracted Four • SCA Gallery • Pomona, Ca

Eight Case of Santa Ana Seven • Henley Galleria • Orange, CA

A Remembrance of things Past • East/West Gallery • Fullerton, CA

Pigment to Dye • The Shed • Newport Beach, CA

Choices • Exit Gallery • Fullerton, CA

Mustache/Mistache for Peace • Memphis/Santa Ana 7 • Santa Ana, Ca

4th Street Mural Project • Santa Ana, CA

F.L.Y. • Bob Pece/Jones • Santa Ana, CA


Rock Hard Abs Tractions • Memphis • Santa Ana, CA

The Gun Show • Soil Gallery • Seattle, WA

4th Street Mural Project • Santa Ana, CA

Uncomfortably Comfortable • Exit Gallery • Fullerton, CA

Charting The Paths of Color • GCAC • Santa Ana, CA

New Voices • Suburban Fine Art Center • Highland Park, IL 2001

Ray Guns and Declarations • GCAC • Santa Ana, Ca

Fresh • Glass Curtain Gallery • Chicago, IL

Creativity With A Conscience • Hokin Gallery • Chicago, IL


50/50 • Glass Curtain Gallery • Chicago, IL

Coastline Art Gallery:

Kitsch - in - Sync, Spring 2019

Trifecta Faculty Exhibition, Fall 2018

Fish Out of Water, Fall 2018

Ribba 4 Spring 8

On The Ropes/ In the Kisser, Spring 2018

Pairing UP (Faculty with Veterans), Fall 2017

Strings Attached Fiber, Fall 2017

RIBBA 3 - Community Art/ Diversity Day, Spring 2017

WORKS ON PAPER, Spring 2017

LIKE MARK, Fall 2017

RIBBA 2, Spring 2016

BIRDIE 2/5 - 3/18/2016

SFO/SNA, Fall 2015

ORANGE SUNSHINE and the Mystic Artists, Fall 2015

SPRING | Idiom, Spring 2015

ABSTRACT/ elevations, Spring 2015

FARM| 2 fork, Fall 2014

RIBBA| 500 Fall 2014

Selections from the Festival of Arts Permanent Collection, Summer 2014

SCA Group Show, Summer 2014

Spaghetti Western, Spring 2014

Stock California, Spring 2014

Pretty Awesome, Fall 2013

Allegory Cave, Summer/Fall 2013

Making Working, Spring 2013

Next to Nothing, Spring 2013

Commodores, Fall 2012

CAKE|fondant, Fall 2012

Summer of Abstraction, Summer 2012

Photo + Plus, Spring 2012

Transition:figure, Fall 2011

Exhibitions Organized:

The Back Room at Memphis Santora:

Rock Hard Abstractions, December 2002

Mustache/Mistache for Peace, April 2003

Waiting for Fame, September 2003

Men of Grand Central, December 2003

Love Gardens, April 2004

Cones, September 2004

Horizon, Fullerton College, December 2004

Mathew Price, March 2005

Gretchen Potts, May 2005

Edwin James Maguire, June 2005

Various Scraps of Fabric, davidmichaellee, January 2006

Fables of Impending Doom, Jason Rutherford, February 2006

Terminal Island: End of the world, Anne Handberry, March 2006

Tom Dowling, Madonna Inn, April 2006

Travis Collinson, May 2006

Post Organic, Robert Arieas, June 2006

CSUF Student show, July 2006

Claudia McCain, August 2006

Glenn Brooks, September 2006

Amy Hernandez, October 2006

Sin &Circuitry, Robert Arieas, November 2006

Memories in the Making – Alzheimers Association, December 2006

Good Bad Ugly, davidmichaellee, February 2007

John Gilhooley, April 2007

Amy Linder, Woven Material, May 2007

States of Cultification, Ryan Scheit, July 2007

Bones of the Earth, Richard Turner, August 2007

This Place, Robert Miller, September 2007

Robert Arieas, October 2007

His Floating Hair, Richard Turner, October 2007

Works on Paper, davidmichaellee, November 2007

R.T.Pece, December 2007

Portals, Passages and Threshholds, Tom and Lisa Dowling, January 2008

Group Love, February 2008

Eric Takach, Ryan Norgren, March 2008

John Gilhooley, April 2008

Patrick Strand, February 2009

Baroque-A-Doke, Reafsnyder, Kiddie, Rowntree, Davies, March 2009

John Gilhooley, May 2009

Young Masters, Temple Betel, May 2009

Coulrophobic, Danny Morales, June 2009

John Gilhooley, April 2010

Guy White, September 2010

David and Robert, September 2011

Dead Alive, November 2011

Me and You, December 2011

Chapman University:

Alphabet, Jan/Feb 2012

Eight Cases of Santa Ana Seven, July 2003

About Abstraction, July 2008

Tony Delap, November, 2008 (organized w/ Maggi Owens)

New Used Borrowed, July 2010

Fullerton College:

Santa Ana Seven Strikes Again, July 2005

Grand Central Art Center:

The Bird Show, August 2005

Santa Ana College:

Art Forum Exhibition, Fall 2009 (organized w/ Phil Marquez)

The Wine Room:

New Finish, Dan Rossiter, February 2004

New Work, Mathew Price, April 2004

In Between Flight, Robert Arieas, davidmichaellee, October 2004

Anthony Gordon, January 2005

Installations and at @space Contemporary:

Progressive Shift: Ryan Scheidt, Elaine Coombs, May 2007

Space for Utopia: Michelle Wasson, Seann Brackin, June 2007

What Would I Wear If: Robbie Miller, July 2007

Voyage: Grpup Show, August 2007

Moments Happen: Glenn Fischer, September 2007

True Hallucinations: Jane Bauman, October 2007

The Feeling of Being: Evan apRoberts, November 2007

Courting Allusion: Alison Foshee & Sara Simon, December 2008

Hairshirt: Max King Cap, January 2008

Dreams of Floating/Dreams of Falling: Jason Rutherford, March 2008

Eoin Breadon / Jason Chakravarty • An Indian and an Irishman Walk Into a Bar, April 2008

Dual Perspectives: Nobuhito Nishigawara, May 2008

Object: Brandon Anschultz, July 2008

Flatland: Group Show, August 2008

Small Works and Short Films: Sam Erenberg, October 2008

Naturally Synthetic: Groupshow, November 2008

Imago Ignota: Jay Sagan, December 2008

Invasion: David Michael Lee, Anthony Gordon, January 2009

Here and Now:Tom Dowling, March 2009

Apophenia: Jane Bauman, April 2009

Reperio Partum Verum: A Discrete Collective, June 2009

Orange County Arts Grant:

A four-year project awarding over $20,000 to artists in the community and the design, publication and distribution of a full-color catalog of the awardees.

ArtForum Santa Ana College:

Organized lecture in conjunction with the Art 100 Course.

Coastline Community College EBUS:

Online art history course with Xiang Jiang High School, Guangzhou CN, Dec.–Jan. on site.